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Newly elected Democrats will meet in a closed caucus Nov. 17 to make a recommendation.

CONCORD William O'Brien will be out as speaker of the House, as voters, for the third time in four elections, have ousted the party in control of the 400 person House of Representatives.

The Democratic takeover of the House will bring to an end the controversial leadership of O'Brien, R Mont Vernon, and sparks a spirited but civil battle in the Democratic caucus to replace him.

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Senate President Peter Bragdon, R Milford, is expected to hold on to his gavel with the Republicans controling that body, 13 11, once all the ballots were counted.

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The Telegraph first reported on its live web feed early Wednesday morning that Democrats in the House had more than doubled their ranks to avenge a 2012 devastating loss.

That's down from the 19 5 advantage the GOP had the past two years, and two unsuccessful Senate Democratic candidates in Manchester and New Boston have asked for recounts.

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Lacoste Polo Shirts Wholesale China

Lacoste Polo Shirts Wholesale China

Secretary of State Bill Gardner's office was still poring over all the results and had not completed a count because staff were focusing upon first validating results in the closest elections on the ballot.

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Lacoste Polo Shirts Wholesale China

Bedford Republican Rep. John Graham said it will Lacoste Polo Sale Online

House Democrats will meet Nov. 15.

The stronger than expected victories for President Barack Obama and Gov. elect Maggie Hassan, an Exeter Democrat, helped turn this into another wave election, Norelli said.

Norelli said her best estimate was House Democrats elected at least 217 while Republicans held onto 177, with six races still to be decided.

For his part, Campbell noted he was the first candidate to declare he'd run to lead the House and had spent Election Day traveling to more than three dozen polling places to assist other Democrats.

be incumbent upon the House GOP leadership to try to compromise with Maggie Hassan, the newly elected Democratic governor who replaces retiring Gov. John Lynch.

"I think I am very well positioned to be the next speaker of the House," Norelli told reporters. "I have been out on the campaign trail for the last eight months recruiting candidates, helping them with their campaigns as well as speaking to Democratic activists and others around the state."

The election of Colin Van Ostern, of Concord, and Chris Pappas, of Manchester, gives Democrats a 3 2 edge on the council.

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Democrats also took back a majority on the Executive Council with Nashua's Debora Pignatelli beating Milford Councilor David Wheeler in a rematch.

and four term Hudson GOP Rep. Lynne Ober.

"I want to congratulate the Democrats for doing an outstanding job for motivating and turning out their voters yesterday," O'Brien said. "From the top of the ticket to the bottom, they were able to change the dynamics of the election and that has led them to an incoming majority."

"The simple reality is that whether it was accurate or not, Democrats got tossed out in 2010 because we were seen as not being fiscally responsible," Campbell said. "The voters on Tuesday tossed out the Republicans because they were seen as not being socially responsible. If we want to stay in charge, we've got to govern from Lacoste Polo Shirts Wholesale China the middle and convince many in the other party that there are ways we can reach common ground."

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Lacoste Polo Shirts Wholesale China

While not overconfident, she said she was optimistic that Democrats would choose her to lead them for the fourth straight election.

"The campaign season is over. We must now move beyond the partisan divide and begin to work together on behalf of all Granite Staters. We plan to keep our promises by focusing on jobs and the economy, reverse this Legislature's ill advised priorities, and end the harshness in the air that has plagued the House these last two years," Norelli said.

´╗┐as Democrats regain control of House

O'Brien issued a magnanimous statement Wednesday afternoon after having called many GOP colleagues to inform them that he had no interest in leading this new minority.

She said the new Democratic majority has to stay focused on helping the state recover even more quickly from the recession.

Terie Norelli, of Portsmouth, against Rep. David Campbell, of Nashua, who was elected Tuesday to a sixth term.

In 2006, Democrats won the House for the first time since 1922. Four years later, Republicans won it back and picked up a 3 1 supermajority in the Legislature.

The battle for who becomes the next speaker pits former House speaker Lacoste Baseball Cap

Competing to replace O'Brien as the leading House Republican will be former House Speaker Gene Chandler, R Bartlett, Fred Perry White Polo Shirt

Campbell said the lesson from this election to Democrats should be that holding power is a fragile thing in New Hampshire, where voters have gotten in the habit of changing their minds.

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