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Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

The man then poured liquid, which he claimed to be petrol, from a bottle on to the counter, took out a lighter and waved it over the liquid in Lacoste Polo Slim Fit Black

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

employee behind the counter.

'Armed' robber threatens to set fire to bookies in cash

a threatening manner.

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

and handed the cash over.

"We urge anyone who has any information about this robbery, or can help to identify the suspect, to contact us."

Police have released a CCTV image of the suspect, who is described Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket as white, about 5ft 8ins tall and of medium build. He was wearing a black coat which was torn on the right bicep and had his hood up. He was also wearing a grey scarf, which he covered his face with, light blue jeans and thick rimmed glasses.

The frightened employee put about 320 into a bag Polyester Polo Shirts Wholesale Uk

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

The robbery happened at about 9.40pm on Thursday. Although the man claimed to have a gun, no weapon was seen.

The man then fled on foot and headed into Manchester Road in the direction of the city centre.

Detective Inspector Ryan Bragg, of Bradford CID, said it was a shocking experience for the cashier.

"Fortunately nobody was injured in this incident, but it was very frightening for the Lacoste Polo T Shirts Online India

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

Detectives last night released this CCTV image of a hooded robber, who claimed to have a gun, threatening to set light to petrol during a terrifying raid on a Bradford bookmaker's shop.

The female cashier was left shocked and frightened after the intruder poured a liquid on the counter and waved a lighter over it.

Lacoste Windbreaker Jacket

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