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"That is an amazing achievement for a small band of dedicated volunteers, supported by the local council."

"In Lanark, we have just had our annual Lanimer celebrations. I know that the Minister is well aware of that fabulous event, which shows Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk all that is good about the town in a vibrant display of decorated lorries and folk of all ages decked out for the occasion, led on horseback by the lord cornet.

biggest re enactment festivals in the United Kingdom. It has grown in size and attraction since its beginning in 2002.

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

"Today, it is a two day national event showcasing more than 2,000 years of Scottish history, right up to the World War Two.

´╗┐Area's festivals praised in debate at Parliament

economic importance.

Clydesdale MSP Karen Gillon then emphasised local community celebrations saying: "A person's home town festival is always something special.

"Biggar, too, has its annual marches, again led by the cornet, with the burgh standard. Each town supports the other and the same is true across Scotland."

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

"I know that the minister is attending this year's event. I am sure that he will enjoy himself."

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

Mr Russell spoke on the energy, commitment and creativity of Scotland's festivals, their contribution to the Scottish economy, their role in the cultural and wider life of the nation and the positive message that they promote about Scotland's cultural confidence and ambition.

"Now entitled Scotland's Festival of History, it started about seven years ago as a half day event to promote Lanark as William Wallace's home town.

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

The MSP told colleagues: "Back in Clydesdale, we are again playing host to one of the Polo Shirts Buy Online

"There will be more than 500 history specialists from 11 European countries on the site, and the festival will attract visitors from across the world including people from China, Thailand, Russia and Canada.

Mrs Gillon went on to say: "The town also hosts a Christmas festival. It began as Buy Womens Polo Shirts Online India

a small street market promoting trade in the town, and now it is one of the largest one day markets in Scotland.

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

"It is not only unique in Scotland, but one of the top handful of events in the UK.

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

Praise came during a debate, led by Scotland's Culture Minister Mike Russell, on the subject of the country's festivals.

"There are festivals and common ridings all over Scotland.

Mrs Gillon then asked Mr Russell if he would consider hosting an event in Parliament to bring together the principals from festivals across Scotland to celebrate their ancient traditions and Lacoste Grey Polo Shirt

THREE Lanark festivals have come in for praise during a debate in the Scottish Parliament.

"The two events together are a huge boost to the local economy. Studies have shown that their combined annual value to the local area is in the region of 750,000.

Wholesale Designer Polo Shirts Uk

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