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Lacoste Grey

Lacoste Grey

If Delhomme is the dreamer, Kish applies science to Delhomme ideas and Towell uses the tools to bring the ideas to life.

Delhomme holds up a bulb like object Lacoste Polo Sale Uk

But she serious about her new venture so serious that she plunked down more than half a million dollars to set up a business called Gentle Energy Systems Inc. and Lacoste Grey a shop where she and her two part time employees can build green energy prototypes.

Lacoste Grey

that looks like it could have been the beginnings of a science fair project.

Right now, there isn a solid source of income for the shop, so Delhomme is open to the possibility of being hired to design and build prototypes of other Abilenians ideas.

Lacoste Grey

Delhomme lets out one of her robust chuckles.

Their focus initially is developing small, unobtrusive wind turbines that could be mounted on the roofs of private residences and commercial buildings. They also working on a conversion kit that would allow gas and diesel powered generators to be powered with natural gas, which would reduce emissions and eliminate the need for storing fuel.

They in the process of building their own 30 foot long wind tunnel using an industrial blower fan they found from a junk yard for $125. When it finished, they be able to test their prototypes in a controlled environment.

Lacoste Grey

The group hasn made many prototypes because they only been working as a team for a few months. (Delhomme received approval from the city of Abilene to move into her building in January.)

laugh so hard at some of my ideas that we probably shoot macaroni and cheese out our noses, Delhomme said.

They also created a small wind turbine using a bicycle wheel Classic Polo Shirts Online India

Lacoste Grey

is ever made that someone didn dream about before, and Danielle is our dreamer, Towell said.

Cost seems to always be on their minds (Kish, on the use of the bicycle wheel: round, it spins and it cheap. keeps her eye out for construction sites and asks the contactors to bring dirt to her shop if they don have plans for it. The group uses the mound of dirt to test some of their wind turbine prototypes.

would call it an unconventional wind turbine blade, Kish said.

Lacoste Grey

Lacoste Grey

57 years old, and I finally feel like, This is what I was born for, Delhomme said. this thing goes under, I go with it. rewards risk taking, Towell said.

doing a lot of things now that are very detrimental to the atmosphere and we doing a lot of damage in a hurry, Delhomme said.

Lacoste Grey

Lacoste Grey

They all work together, but they each have specialties.

Recently, they mounted a wind turbine device to a trailer that had a 30 foot wingspan with large blue sails, but the wind ended up tearing it apart after a short time.

that operates on a vertical axis instead of a horizontal axis. The wind turbines that dot the Big Country landscape turn on a Lacoste Polo T Shirts Online India

call it a pregnant guppy, Delhomme said.

Lacoste Grey

´╗┐Area inventor looking to improve environment

Delhomme hopes to get patents for their products and license them to manufacturing companies. When the licensing fees and royalties begin rolling in, they move on to the next project.

She hired Delbert Towell, a retired Abilene Christian University industrial technology professor and Jay Kish, an ACU graduate with a physics degree, to work part time in the shop.

horizontal axis.

Lacoste Grey

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