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Poole and classmate Kylie Marcotte, 10, were also excited about being on TV, as the event was recorded by Hudson Cable Access.

"I love the fact that the whole town can be involved," said organizer Jeremy Griffus, a paraprofessional at Hills Garrison. "And the students are so excited. They went above and beyond to try and participate. They get to show their knowledge and everything they've learned throughout the years."

Lacoste Hoodies Mens

Lacoste Hoodies Mens

A committee then selected an equal number of fifth graders from each school, who prepared to Lacoste Belt For Men

Those and a slew of other questions were fired off Saturday night at Hills Garrison School's 2nd annual "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" competition, which besides being a fun way to publicly stump adults also raised some money for the school's playground fund.

He needed to peek at Holly Oakes' answer as to whether Henry Hudson was looking for the Northwest Passage (he was); to be saved by Isabelle Russell, who knew that "Alfred and Virginia" combined to make "Alvirne"; and to then copy Russell's answer about the state bird (purple finch).

"People say I'm really smart and I should get a chance to show it off," Poole said, of why she wanted to be a contestant. "The lowest grade I've ever gotten is a B plus. Other than that, I'm a straight A student."

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Milbouer spiritedly offered the traditional show's signoff, with a little twist: "I have a master's degree, and I am not smarter than a fifth grader," she said.

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One of the selected students was Sarah Poole, an 11 year old from Hills Garrison whose favorite subject is writing.

Nashua Telegraph local columnist, Stacy Milbouer reacts after getting the question, "How many minutes in are in 5/12's of an hour?" incorrect as fifth grader, Lauren Wilson stands in the background Saturday afternoon at Alvirne High School. The once famous game show, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader," was Lacoste Green

Marcotte's message to adults who think they're smarter than her and her fifth grade friends?

test their knowledge against adults in game show style, mirroring the hit television program on the Fox Network.

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Both she and Wilson guessed 20, but the answer is 25.

Contestant Dan Lisowsky sailed along through his set of questions, but had to seek assistance for the last three.

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Staff Photo by Grant Morris

Lacoste Hoodies Mens

resurrected to help Hills Garrison Middle School raise money for new playground equipment. Milbouer laughed saying, "I have a master's degree," after getting the question incorrect.

Milbouer, who teamed Ladies Sports Polo Shirts Uk

´╗┐Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

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The first contestant to take the Alvirne High School stage was Lacoste Hoodies Mens Hudson resident Stacy Milbouer, who also writes a column for The Telegraph.

Milbouer told the crowd she was hoping to redeem her performance last year, when she was eliminated early on a question of the first grade science variety.

Lacoste Hoodies Mens

"I am really excited," Marcotte said, whose favorite subjects are writing and science. "It's a really big thing. All these people are watching."

Like last year, fifth grade students from Hills, Dr. Smith and Nottingham West wrote essays answering three questions: how they would represent their school, what makes for a good contestant and if they were camera shy.

On Saturday night, adult contestants dropped their names in a pool and prepared to answer questions in a variety of subjects: English, math, science, social studies, art, and the history of Hudson and New Hampshire. The questions tied into specific topics students are learning in school, Griffus said.

up with Lydia Lisowsky, Madison McClellan, Marcotte, and Lauren Wilson, powered through seven questions, but lost on a fourth grade math query: how many minutes are in 5/12 of an hour?

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