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Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

"It is incredibly important for students to give voice to their feelings about the environment in whatever voice appeals to them," Fish said. "Their actions can take many forms poetry, or photography."

"I'm very honored to win first place in the art contest on the environment. It is great that I can combine my two areas of interest into one," said Kossakowski.

She said she's especially proud of the students honored from the Lamorinda area.

Joaquin Miller seventh grader Thibaut Hardin, who won $25 for second place in the middle school art category for his 3 D piece titled "Today's World;"

Miramonte High School 10th grader Erin Cherry, who received an Honorable Mention for her photo titled "Winter Fairytale."

Four students from Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School were among 12 prizewinners at the Expression College Hv Polo Clothing Sale

"The Lamorinda students submissions to Visuals and Voices Contest were outstanding and enjoyed by all," said Sheilah Fish, a Moraga resident and Earth Team founder.

The five local winners and their work were:

such as the Global Warming Campaign, said Brian Larson, spokesman for Earth Team.

´╗┐Art intimating a green life

The talent show and award ceremony was part of Earth Team's annual school year end celebration of environmental, community service and educational accomplishments, which also included teachers and students who participated in other Earth Team projects, Polo Shirt Embroidery Perth

The Visuals and Voices Eco Art, Photography and Poetry Contest featured Bay Area middle and high school students who submitted their own personal creations that have an ecological theme. Along with an emphasis on judging entries that address an environmental topic, theme or issue, the submissions were also judged on artistic merit.

Lamorinda students recently expressed their environmental concerns through art, photography and poetry through Earth Team's sixth annual Visuals and Voices Eco Art Contest.

Joaquin Moraga seventh grader Diana Kossakowski, who won the first place $50 prize in the middle school art category for her painting of a floating lotus flower Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay titled "The Last Flower Depends on You;"

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

photography category for "The Light Comes Through."

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

Fish said she hopes students will be inspired to continue to voice their environmental concerns through art and writing with Earth Team.

Joaquin Miller seventh grader Caitlin Burnite, who received the $50 for first place in the middle school Polo Shirts Embroidered Brisbane

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

Joaquin Moraga sixth grader Zach Watson, who won the $100 global warming theme grand prize for his watercolor depiction of the Earth cooking in a hot frying pan titled "The Kitchen of the Universe;"

for Digital Arts in Emeryville. a show presented by Earth Team, an environmental network for teens, teachers and youth leaders founded in 2000. Nearly 100 students from throughout the Bay Area participated in the "Visuals and Voices" category.

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

Submissions were chosen from students whose work appeared on "The Green News," Earth Team's online newsletter and from students who responded to a call for submissions early this spring.

"We hope there are many others who will work with us through the summer and the school year on our Green News project," Fish said. "We're looking for students who care about the environment to work with us. If local students contribute to The Green News, their voices, whether art or written, will impact people around the Bay Area."

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

It seems all around us, everyone has a say about the environment and the future of our planet. This is especially the case these days with the young people in our community.

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

Ladies Golf Polo Shirts Ebay

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