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63 PENALTY, ARGENTINA, CONTEPOMI, 6 6. Big moment here as Geoff Cross is penalised at the scrum and Contepomi as a much easier chance to level the scores from the 10m Polo Shirts For Girls Outfit

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

48 Brown, Morrison and Barclay all carry the ball up well and Lawson puts a neat little chip in over the deep. It looks a great move but the Pumas manage to swing it wide and break out. Scotland attack again and a great chip and chase from Evans almost sees Scotland get the first try but the ball is knocked on and the Pumas clear.

72 TRY, ARGENTINA, Cheap Tshirt Printing Uk

62 Scottish skipper Lawson is replaced by the Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk experienced Mike Blair, not a bad man to have on the bench. And they have Chris Cusiter sitting in the stands crazy depth at nine. Jackson again peppers Rodr guez with a high kick who returns the compliment. Paterson can't hold on though and the Pumas gain the initiative. The rain is pelting down!

GONZALEZ AMOROSINO, 12 11. Unbelievable! Wow, this is incredible! Super stuff from Argentina as they hit back straight away! The replacement Lucas Gonzalez Amorosino breaks down the right hand touchline and through the tackle of Paterson before jinking inside and over for the try!

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

42 The Pumas work it up before Rodr guez goes for a drop but again he doesn't have it and Paterson clears to just inside the Scot's half.

line but closer in. And he puts it over! The scores are level!

78 Priceless stuff as the Pumas steal the Scottish line out! Vergallo clears and the Brown can't take the kick. Play is called to a halt with some serious concern over two players lying on the ground. There has been a clash of heads so play is stopped where it continued in the past with other injuries.

70 Argentina clear but Camacho is penalised for going off his feet and for playing the ball in the ruck and Scotland set up a line out five out from the Argentina line, a super kick from Parks! His first kick of the game and he goes for the jugular and just gets it right, for a moment it looked like it was going to go wrong but he's got it on the money.

41 Accidental offside from Scotland at the restart so Argentina ahve a chance to launch an attack immediately.

Full time What drama, what a game! It wasn't a classic in terms of running rugby but oh boy it was edge of your seat stuff as both teams gave it everything! Phew. It was the lone try of the game from Gonzalez Amorosino that was the difference and it would appear a mere formality that the Pumas are through to the quarter finals. It's not over though for the Scots, if they beat England in their final game they may still have a shot.

44 Ah super stuff from Lamont as he manages to rip the ball out of the hands of Bosch as the centre looks to break the line. The ball is hammered into the Pumas half and Scotland are penalised at the ruck the ensues.

52 Argentina knock on at the line out and Scotland go on the attack. The Us Polo Assn T Shirts Online Purchase

´╗┐Argentina v Scotland

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

50 Contepomi does well to claim a high ball under pressure and Vergallo outs in a chip over the top. Scotland have possession back but Jackson puts it out on the full. The rain is pouring down and the wind is becoming an issue; it's tough times out there!

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

80 Scotland are working it through the phases but they're not making much progress, edging it up to the halfway line. It's turned over though and Bosch clears it! Argentina have won it!

69 Jackson hammers the 22 away but it's returned right back at him and the fly half takes it well. Paterson puts in a super kick, in to the Pumas 22 and it's Scotland we are back on the front foot but how long will it last? Interesting stuff as Jackson is replaced by Parks. Not sure about that switch to be honest.

59 Lawson looks to use the up and under again but the Gloucester man just doesn't have it right and it's out on the full.

forwards all get their hands on the ball before Jackson puts in a chip over the top for Lamont to chase. The Pumas are under big pressure but their is a knock on from the Scots and Argentina have a scrum inside their 22.

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

58 Scotland win the line out but there isn't much happening out wide so Paterson goes for the drop but can't find the target! He'll be disappointed with that, he had plenty of time.

65 DROP GOAL, SCOTLAND, JACKSON, 9 6. Oh, a mistake there as the Pumas put it out on the full as they look to clear after the restart. They're made to pay for the mistake too! Scotland take the ball through a few phases before Jackson goes for the drop and makes it!

79 And they have it! The Scottish scrum is great at under pressure the Pumas hold on at the ruck. It's a howler from Gonzalez Amorosino as he fails to hold on to the touch finder!

61 Scotland are pinged for being offside at the ruck that ensues from the line out and Contepomi is going to have a crack from the 10m line and 15m in from the right hand touchline. He's kicking in to the wind, this will be tough. And he doesn't get it,dragging it out to the left.

54 The Pumas win a penalty from the scrum but it's not in touch and Paterson puts it high. Lamont chases but Rodr guez takes it well. Vergallo clears to Paterson and this time the full back runs. Morrison does kick however and spotting a gap at the back, Rodr guez looks to find the corner but puts it out on the full.

71 DROP GOAL, SCOTLAND, PARKS, 12 6. Scotland take the line out clearly and referee Barnes puts his hand out for advantage to the attacking side. With this in mind Parks goes for the drop and gets it over!

73 CONVERSION, ARGENTINA, CONTEPOMI 13 12. No mistake from the skipper this time as he adds the two points and Argentina are ahead!

68 Can Argentina strike back? They have a chance as Argentina hit it up through the phases. Scotland are strong in defence but Hamilton is penalised for not releasing the tackler. Almost straight in front on the 10m line. But it's off the post! Scotland clear. Big, big moment.

46 Richie Gray steals his second line out of the night and Jackson clears. Leguizam n carries it up strongly and after the Pumas kick the ball away they're then penalised for coming in from the side. Jackson sets up the line out on the Argentine 1om line.

77 Vergallo clears from the base and Brown takes it well. The ball is knocked on and the Pumas have it back. They look for territory and again it's Brown who takes. Scotland bash it up with all the players involved. Parks grubbers it through into the 22m but the chase isn't good enough and Gonzalez Amorosino clears.

57 Jackson tries to stab a little kick through but it ricochets into the hands of the Pumas. Bosch looks to make meters in the midfield he's been a willing runner throughout but the defence is good. Argentina carry it up well but Scotland work hard at the breakdown and turn it over. The ball is cleared and under pressure Rodr guez's clearance kick is charged down. Pumas line out just outside their 22.

One last push We'll restart with a scrum to Argentina and the Scots need to get their hands on the ball immediately if they're to have a chance here. A groggy looking Kelly Brown leaves the field.

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

Lacoste Womens Polo Shirts Uk

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