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´╗┐area girl on stranded cruise ship wants McDonalds

Slow trip home

Nerves are frayed on board, where passengers have waited in lines for as long as four hours, said Nick Ware, whose mother is on the ship with her boyfriend. Ware said arguments are breaking out after people at the front of lines grab as many provisions as they can.

"Mommy, it so scary," McKerreghan said her daughter told her. "I want to come home." McKerreghan fought back tears as she recalled the conversation. "Just come get Original Polo Shirts In Karachi

For most of the day Wednesday, two tugboats dragged the nearly 900 foot, 14 story Triumph at a jogger pace to the harbor, where the 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members on board will get off the vessel on Thursday, the cruise line said. ET Wednesday, the Coast Guard said. ET Thursday, an official briefed on plans for the recovery of the ship said. Thursday to the point where a pilot from the Port of Mobile will board the ship and guide it to dock, the same official said.

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Automatic sprinklers extinguished the blaze, but the flames paralyzed the ship propulsion system, leaving it temporarily marooned in the Gulf of Mexico, subject to the whims of wind and sea currents.

That day, McKerreghan ex husband, stranded at sea, phoned to say the sanitary situation had already begun to deteriorate on board the Triumph.

"He said that the conditions have gotten so bad that they asking them to use the restroom in bags, and they were eating onion sandwiches," McKerreghan said.

Her daughter, Allie Taylor, called her in a panic Sunday after a fire broke out in the Carnival Triumph engine room.

Much of the ship electrical power went down in the fire, causing widespread malfunctions, including taking out sanitary systems.

The call was the last she has heard from them.

the option of boarding buses directly to Galveston or Houston, Texas, or to spend the night in a hotel in New Orleans, where they could rest before flying out on private charters the next day. Carnival will cover all travel related and incidental expenses," the cruise line said.

The cruise line also said it would compensate passengers $500 each in addition to measures previously announced, including refunds.

me," her daughter begged her.

The cell phone signal was bad, and they ended the call, leaving the mother from Lufkin, Texas, feeling helpless. "I wanted to have a meltdown," McKerreghan said. "I going to have that moment here," she told CNN Victor Blackwell at the Alabama port.

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Carnival said it has reserved and arranged approximately 100 motor coaches, more than 1,500 New Orleans hotel rooms, multiple charter flights from New Orleans to Houston on Friday and transportation from Houston to the Port of Galveston so that guests may retrieve their cars if they drove to the port.

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Mobile Infirmary Health Services has offered to set up a triage unit at the port, in case any debarking passengers need medical assistance, Alabama Cruise Terminal General Manager Sheila Gurganus said Tuesday.

"We are currently finalizing travel arrangements for guests from Mobile. Carnival Triumph guests were given Lacoste Brown

The Coast Guard delivered equipment to the struggling ship Wednesday afternoon, including a generator and electric cables.

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

the door of customs with your luggage," about 200 Carnival employees will try to take care of its passengers on land.

Then, after what Gurganus predicted would be "easy access out Fred Perry Polo Shirt Dress Ebay

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Meanwhile, on shore, Kim McKerreghan stood in the dark at dockside in the Port of Mobile early Wednesday, worried about her 10 year old daughter and her ex husband, Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk both passengers on the distressed cruise ship.

disgusting cruise ship left Galveston for a Caribbean tour last week and was scheduled to arrive back there Monday.

Coast Guard escorts on the scene.

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

Ware said he has been told that some of the public restrooms work, meaning that people waiting in those lines can stop using red biohazard bags for waste.

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

People at the rear of the line ended up with buns and condiments no burgers, he said.

"The person in the front of the line is allowed to take however much he wants, so people see the person in front of them taking too much, (and) they start to get concerned they not going to get any," Ware said.

Carnival said on its Facebook page that it decided against sending another ship to pick up passengers because towing the ship to port was the safest option.

Women's Polo Shirts Sale Uk

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