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Hinojosa reduced the defendant's bond from $150,000 to $10,000 per offense. Salazar's attorney Larry Warner said after the hearing that he expected to post that bond and for Salazar to be released later in the day.

your lesson," he told Salazar before pronouncing the sentence.

´╗┐assistant gets 10 months for tampering conviction

Garza argued that those concerns should have kept Salazar from committing the violations in the first place.

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Salazar was accused of using his capacity as an administrative assistant to Precinct 2 Cameron County Com missioner Ernie Lacoste T Shirt Online Shopping India

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Hernandez went on to insinuate that evidence presented during the trial was inconclusive and in some cases incorrect.

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Hinojosa told the defense counsel multiple times that he would not consider Garza's spoken list of other corrupt county officials when determining Salazar's sentence, but that didn't stop Warner from again trying to differentiate his client's situation from that of the county commissioner.

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Warner continued his Fred Perry Black Polo Dress

"Ernie Hernandez is not on trial," he said. "You shouldn't punish (Salazar) for what he did, either."

Warner asked that Salazar be sentenced to 10 days in jail and a year of probation, while suggesting that since Salazar did not benefit financially from the crime, he should not be fined.

"I really didn't have any problems with Mr. Salazar," Trevio told the court when Warner asked about his dealings with the defendant.

insinuations, carried over from the trial last month, that Salazar had only acted at the behest of Hernandez, calling his defendant a "minion."

"There's no doubt that they consider me the target of this investigation," he said. "I don't believe they have conclusive information."

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Visiting Judge Federico Hinojosa handed down the decision in the 445th state District Court after the defense called two witnesses in an effort to mitigate Salazar's punishment.

Originally sentenced to eight years of probation and 500 hours of community service, Trevio and defense attorneys noted Salazar's satisfactory completion of his requirements and the decision to end his probation after about three years.

Hinojosa did not fine Salazar.

In closing, the defense counsel noted Salazar's age and argued that losing his job, the shame of conviction and having to see his picture on the front page of the newspaper was punishment enough.

L. Hernandez Jr. to arrange for a human resources employee to take the civil service exam for Roberto Cadriel, Hernandez' brother in law, in 2011. Salazar was also accused of providing an answer key to Cadriel.

Salazar remained Lacoste Vest silent throughout the proceeding.

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"Apparently you didn't learn Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk No Setup Fee

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Warner then walked back that statement, noting that Hernandez had not been proven of any wrongdoing.

Warner and his defense team attempted to make the case for probation by calling up Salazar's former probation officer and Frank Costilla, a Brownsville attorney and former employer of Salazar's.

Rolando Trevio said he supervised Salazar for 13 months following his conviction and later sentencing in 2002 for bribery and theft by a public servant.

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The defense's mitigation effort didn't appear to sway the judge.

Hernandez, who was not in the courtroom during the hearing, suggested that Garza's mentioning of him during the trial was due to a personal vendetta against the commissioner.

"He feels that I'm party to this," he said, but added Garza must have doubts about his involvement. "I truly believe if he really felt that that they would have indicted me a long time ago.

Costilla, Salazar's "compadre" of 30 years, noted Salazar's importance to his elderly mother and his children.

Assistant District Attorney Gustavo Garza then pressed Trevio about what the goal of probation was, asking if the fact that Salazar had been convicted of wrongdoing again "washed out" his previous completion of probationary requirements.

Warner said he hoped to be granted a new trial "in the interest of justice," while noting that prior and common law practices require a conviction of a principal Hernandez in this case, he alleged before accomplices can be tried.

"You could say it's been washed out," Trevio said. "It probably wasn't that successful because he's here again."

Warner also took offense of the prosecutor's noting of other examples of corruption in Cameron County politics during proceedings, arguing that they were irrelevant to Salazar's case.

Salazar received 10 months in jail each for two counts of abuse of official capacity and for tampering with government documents. He'll serve all three sentences at the same time.

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