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"I guess I was nervous before it started," Arnone said. "But I Fred Perry Yellow Polo Shirt

"She's just a phenomenal kid and a super leader," said Dennis Reed, who coaches Arnone in the Shooting Stars AAU program. "As for the rebounding, she just has an intuitive knack for where to be.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

Arnone's versatility was on display that night. She grabbed six rebounds, had four steals and drilled three of her four attempts from 3 point range as Campbell jumped out to a 17 0 lead and held on for its first championship.

"Since then I've had some great coaching, with coach Flynn, coach Reed and others who taught he how to position myself to get rebounds."

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

And the points and rebounds started accumulating. For years she was the second option, the talented sidekick to the school's all time leading scorer, Kristen Hrubowchak.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

The official tournament program lists her as 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and you can understand how a crafty, quick player with what coaches call "a Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review high basketball IQ'' could accumulate 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds dominating the low post in high school.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

So how does a 5 7 kid wind up with 1,000 rebounds?

"He said there are 5 1 point guards playing in college," Arnone Fred Perry Black Polo Shirt

"When I was younger I really didn't have any talent, I was just playing," Arnone said. "The objective was to get the ball. That was my mentality.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

There was more pressure on Tuesday night. Arnone needed just 10 rebounds to top the 1,000 mark. Coaches from Wheaton College, where she'll play next winter, were in the stands.

said. "It doesn't matter how big you are, show your dominance and play hard. That always stuck with me."

´╗┐Arnone plays big for Campbell

The thing is, Arnone has always played big. By the fourth game as a freshman she has already forced her way into the starting lineup for a team that would reach the finals.

Jaffrey and its star, Brooke Springfield.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

Then, last March, with the team's first state title on the line after three straight final losses, Arnone stepped into the spotlight. She scored 21 or her team's 42 points in its final victory over Conant of Fred Perry Women Shirt

"I'm really only 5 7," said Arnone, who says she's slightly taller than her older brother Phil, who plays hockey at Plymouth State University. "There aren't any tall people in our family."

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

never thought about the rebounds and once the game starts I try to put everything out of my mind and just focus on basketball."

"Liz and I just stressed composure, stay positive, stay calm and try to block out all the negative," Arnone said. "It was actually fun to be in a game like that."

The duo first hooked up in Middle School and Hrubowchak quickly became a role model for Arnone.

"She strong, she's aggressive and very smart."

It wasn't easy. It was a tense night for the unbeaten Cougars, who faced the kind of adversity they hadn't faced all season. Senior Liz Pettis the other returning member of last year's Big Three picked up her fourth foul early in the second half. Campbell was whistled for 14 second half fouls and found itself down by four points with five minutes left.

When Arnone was a freshman, she'd go head to head in practice each day with teammate Kim Chaisson, who was 6 1. Arnone said something her father told her stuck with her.

But look closer at Campbell's Rebecca Arnone and you don't see 5 10. Her coach, Shawn Flynn, says she's really closer to 5 8. On Wednesday morning, about 11 hours after she had scored 17 points and grabbed 17 rebounds in a 50 45 semifinal victory over Newfound Regional of Bristol, Arnone revealed her real height.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Outlet Review

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