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Lake Abilene is only about 16 percent full compared to about 36 percent last March. Hubbard Creek Reservoir is about 28 percent full, down from 45.6 percent last year. Even Possum Kingdom the area largest Lacoste Belt For Men lake is only 71.9 percent full, compared to 84.3 percent last year.

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Lacoste Belt For Men

Lacoste Belt For Men

the state was about 24 inches, but that was 5 inches below normal.

Or two, the floods that occur during any drought, he continued.

´╗┐Area lake levels lower than a year ago

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Ivie Reservoir on March 6. Adams said he has been fishing on the lake since it opened. better then it was in September, but it still really low, Adams said. go out there and see a lot of peninsulas now that used to only be real small islands a few years ago. TOP: A pier sits on the shore out of the water as the sun sets at Lake Fort Phantom Hill on March 5. BELOW: Boats sit on dry land at Lake Brownwood on March 6.$RETURN$$RETURN$That hasn been the case so far this year, though, said Dr. Robert Mace, deputy executive administrator for Water Science and Conservation at the Texas Water Development Board.

Today, Lake Fort Phantom Hill is 11.6 feet below spillway.

general, statewide, we seeing low levels for reservoirs, Mace said. fact, for this time of the year, we setting record lows since 1990.

municipalities have water supplies that are made to withstand multiple dry years in a row, Nielsen Gammons said. if more water is being used than is coming in through nature, there will be problems.

One, Texas could experience a wet year through the El Ni weather pattern. can forecast this beyond several months, he said.

Abilene three main water sources are all less than half full.

difference with our concept that we evaluating is we have multiple barriers, he said. not only would the wastewater go through advanced wastewater treatment (but) then we have detention time (in a reservoir). That advanced treated wastewater would be in that reservoir for a year or so.

Another possible future potable water supply, O said, is treated wastewater.

Since Jan. 1, 1.89 inches of rain has fallen in Abilene, according to the National Weather Service, a number more than 1.3 inches below normal. Last year, the city received 23.20 inches of rain, 1.62 inches below the normal rainfall of 24.82. However, more than 6 inches, a fourth of the total for the year, fell over two days, Sept. 28 29.

Hoping to head off problems caused by prolonged drought and the state growing population, Texas legislators propose taking $2 billion from the state Rainy Day Fund for new water projects. The state water plan outlines more than 560 projects costing $53 billion over the next 50 years.

The once every two weeks watering restriction is triggered when Lake Fort Phantom Hill drops 17 feet below the spillway.

Mace said normally there a bump in rainfall during the winter and spring months, producing runoff and raising reservoir levels.

Lacoste Belt For Men

Lacoste Belt For Men

With Texas being in the middle of a drought,

Lacoste Belt For Men

Lacoste Belt For Men

Lacoste Belt For Men

think it a possibility that this drought could end up being the worst drought on record, State Climatologist Dr. John Nielsen Gammon said. still not likely at this point, but we three years in and no end in sight.

Lake Fort Phantom Hill dropped from 54.4 percent of capacity a year ago to about 48 percent today. Hubbard Creek Reservoir is 27.9 percent full, down from 45.6 percent last year. Ivie Reservoir is about 21 percent full, an increase from 17.7 percent last year.

officials are mindful of the drought affect on area lakes, but said the city water situation is not dire.

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far as what Abilene going to do in 100 years, we even beginning that process. And we don have a solution, but it is something that Abilene is considering, he said.

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O said the city is in the permitting process for a future water supply, Cedar Ridge Reservoir, that would be three times the size of Lake Fort Phantom Hill. He said the nearly $200 million project is part of the city 50 year water plan, which is updated every five years.

In the Big Country alone, levels in 13 of 19 reservoirs are down compared to a year ago.

continue to drop even further, it could go to once every two weeks, O said. of the situation, Abilene has always been very conscientious of water conservation.

Lacoste Belt For Men

something that the city is aware of, and we are currently planning on what happens should the drought continue for another year, said Tommy O city Water Utilities director.

Nielsen Gammon said the six year drought of the 1950s is the worst on record. In 1956, the last year of the drought, he said, the average rainfall for the state was about 15 inches. Last year, average rainfall for Polo Shirts For Men Outfit

nothing on the horizon that looks like (the drought) will be likely to end, but there a couple things that could happen, Nielsen Gammon said.

The city has been under Stage 1 conservation measures since October 2011 when Lake Fort Phantom Hill dipped 10 feet below the spillway restricting outdoor watering to one day a week. Abilene last enforced Stage 1 restrictions from April to June 2007.

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