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Whatever the doubts, "we are amazingly farther up the road on geoengineering," Crutzen, who wrote a 2006 scientific article that sparked interest in geoengineering, said by telephone from Germany. climate treaty.

Government Accountability Office recommended in a 70 page report that the White House "establish a clear strategy for geoengineering research" within its science office. Rep. panel had collaborated in its study with a British House of Commons committee.

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Critics suggest the Americans, whose resistance to mandatory emissions reductions has long helped block a global climate deal, view "Plan B" as a "Plan A," to avoid having to rein in emissions. and British parliamentary reports seem to diverge on governance. is the route" to a regulatory framework.

"We may need geoengineering as a 'Plan B,'" the British report said, if nations fail to forge agreement on a binding treaty to rein in greenhouse gases. Its hundreds of scientists will begin with a session next spring.

salt to make them brighter and more reflective; to planting vast arid lands with agave, the "tequila plant," which stores carbon for years and grows where climate friendly forests can't; to developing the chemistry and machines to suck in CO2 from the air and store it.

But the science and engineering may be the easier part, says Britain's national Lacoste Grey Hoodie science academy.

Lacoste Grey Hoodie

Schemes were floated for using aircraft, balloons or big guns to spread sulfate particles in the lower stratosphere to reflect sunlight, easing the Polo T Shirts Buy Online In India

Sky, sea and land the ideas vary, from spraying ocean clouds with sea Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk

talks to curb climate change: the idea to tinker with the atmosphere or the planet itself, pollute the skies to ward off the sun, fill the oceans with gas eating plankton, do whatever it takes. climate science network decided to assess the options. And a range of new research moved ahead in America and elsewhere.

warming scientists say is being caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by industry, vehicles and agriculture.

Skeptics point to implications: For one, blocking the sun could itself suddenly shift the climate, especially precipitation patterns. For another, it would do nothing to keep the atmospheric CO2 buildup from acidifying the oceans, a grave threat to marine life.

´╗┐As climate talks drag on

The Colorado center also is researching the brightening of maritime stratocumulus clouds with seawater droplets. The center's John Latham, a British physicist, has drawn up plans for a field trial, although he said they're not yet funded. Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk No Setup Fee

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Just a few years ago, geoengineering was regarded as a fringe idea, a science fiction playground for imaginative scientists and engineers.

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Specialists regard the stratospheric sulfates proposal as among the most feasible. government's National Center for Atmospheric Research has undertaken computer modeling to assess its effect, for one thing, on the protective ozone layer.

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"The greatest challenges," the Royal Society said in a 2009 report, "may be the social, ethical, legal and political issues associated with governance."

Activist Ribeiro's Canada based ETC organization accuses Washington of taking a "coalition of the willing" approach to geoengineering, going ahead with its British ally and perhaps others, disregarding the rest of the world. when you're talking about manipulating the climate."

Barrett, an environmental policy expert at New York's Columbia University, helped organize a geoengineering conference last March in California. He said he wants to see emissions slashed, not climate manipulation. But he opposes research bans.

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Others suggested assembling gargantuan mirrors in orbit to fend off the solar radiation. Still others propose and a German experiment tried seeding the ocean with iron, a nutrient that would spur the spread of plankton, which absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide.

"What happens if we discover we're on the precipice of a runaway greenhouse effect, and the only thing we can do is geoengineering? Are people going to say you can't do it?" he asked.

"You have to understand its potential. We also have to understand the downside," IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri said in an interview with the AP. Of the proposed sulfate layer, he asked, "What might be some of the implications of making that change in the atmosphere?"

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