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Custom Polo Shirts Uk

Our studio, we're very interested in public sculpture. Over the last, say, 10 years, part of the work has been how do you create distinct places that commemorate events in the urban environment. We've actually gone after a handful of these (civil rights) projects. We're working in Norfolk, Va., right now, and working here as well as Los Angeles.

Studio and teaches in the University of California Berkeley's College of Environmental Design, plans to make "Witness Walls" for a spot on the Public Square over the next 12 to 18 months. The Metro Arts Commission selected him in March.

Walter Hood, who owns Hood Design Lacoste Black T Shirt

cast images on the surface. We chose concrete for its 20th century presence. We didn't want to make something out of marble or granite, which go back to antiquity.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

And then we have sound. What we'd like to do is bring in the music of the civil rights movement. And this being Nashville, we've got to have music.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

We're trying to do triple exposures. Is it possible to create different resolutions so that from afar, there's one reading, from an intermediate place, there's another reading, and up close, there's another reading?

Working in different places, you actually understand how diverse the country is and how diverse the movement was. As an artist, I find that very exciting. This project has a site that is, I think, charged. It's kind of latent right now, just waiting for something to emerge.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

Tell me what attracted Embroidered Polo Shirts Uk Cheap

you to this particular job.

Walter Hood, who owns Hood Design Studio and teaches in Custom Polo Shirts Uk the University of California Berkeley College of Environmental Design, plans to make Walls for a spot on the Public Square over the next 12 to 18 months. Larry McCormack / The Tennessean)The artist hired to commemorate Nashville's crucial role in the civil rights movement came to town Thursday to visit the site and meet with experts.

´╗┐Artist talks about his vision for civil rights piece

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

The Tennessean talked with Hood, 56, about his vision, his return to the South and the political nature of public art.

It's easy to erase these things, and commemoration is not just putting a plaque up. We're hoping that as people walk through there, there will be this zeitgeist moment, there will be a moment where it's sort of like, "Hmm. I get it. I hear the ghosts.

The basic idea is working with the photographic archive to use concrete as a material to Lacoste Polo Sale Uk

Moving up the hill, all the walls will have images of people sitting. So the sit ins will be etched in that direction. On the other side, where people are moving, marching will happen.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

The march to the courthouse (to demand that Mayor Ben West declare segregation immoral in 1960) went right by where you're going to be working.

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

Custom Polo Shirts Uk

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