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Lacoste Green

Lacoste Green

"All of them have suffered serious psychological damage and injury as Lacoste Slim Fit Polo Sizing

Lacoste Green

Brazenly, he continued his spree and within hours he had struck again at Grande Wines having returned to Thornhill Park Road.

Shortly after, he saw her Fred Perry Bomber Jacket Womens

With a large kitchen knife in the air and his face covered, he leapt over the counter and ordered the man to "go empty the safe".

Lacoste Green

Lacoste Green

Inside, he waited closely Lacoste Green behind another customer who is alleged to have been part of the plan but is awaiting trial, and pulled a knife on the lone female cashier as she opened the till, scratching her arm.

Lacoste Green

The drama was heard by neighbours who heard banging and screaming and demands to "open the safe".

at the door of a nearby property where she was ushering someone inside and he realised she was involved.

Lacoste Green

That evening Pumford struck a third time at Ladbrokes in Butts Road which was empty apart from one member of staff.

Pumford fled with 150 but was chased by the store manager who Lacoste Womens Polo Outlet

Moments later Pumford jumped back over the counter empty handed, his face clearly visible on CCTV cameras and his distinctive white T shirt on display, smashing a panel in the thenlocked door to make his escape.

then encountered Brown, 18.

Lacoste Green

Crying and fearing she was going to be knifed, the woman began loading the money into his carrier bag as Pumford menacingly told her "don't press any panic button or I will stab you".

Lacoste Green

But he wasn't banking on the brave shop worker taking him on, grappling with him and then bundling him to the floor where he ripped his jacket and disguise from him while restraining him.

Police were alerted to the robbery when the girl activated a panic button but it was to be the start of a frightening crime spree that left police across the city hunting Pumford and even resulted in an armed stand off in a busy city road.

Lacoste Green

Lacoste Green

Pumford ran down the main aisle waving the weapon at the manager and demanding he open and empty the safe. When he was told it could not be accessed as it was in the Post Office part of the store, a struggle ensued in which the manager was knocked to the ground, before Pumford, said to have been "in a rage" leapt over the counter and ripped the till from the counter.

´╗┐Armed robber jailed for raids on shops and betting shop From Daily Echo

Pumford's criminal ways only came to an end on April 8 when, following a stand off in Bitterne Road West involving numbers of armed police officers earlier in the day, he was eventually tracked down to a flat in St Mary's and arrested.

The court heard how he then forced her to open the till and helped himself to cash before he ran off with a total of 740, telling her "you can phone the police when I'm gone".

a direct result of your actions, which had a significant impact on the whole local community of Thornhill and surrounding area," he said to Pumford, who was crying in the dock.

Judge Derwin Hope told Pumford, who pleaded guilty to three robberies and one attempted robbery, that he was dangerous and posed a serious risk to the public, adding that his victims had suffered at his hands.

Lacoste Green

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