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That communication is huge, she said. It helps all charter schools find an individual identity but also share in a collective effort.

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

The school has submitted a revised version of its charter application to the state Department of Education and is waiting to hear back.

Still, the district charter school may be years off. Conrad said the district has taken a step back to consider the vision of its public charter school and will have more information at the end of this year.

Conrad said the district works with Bishop Guertin in athletics, but also with professional development opportunities, joint grants and transportation. He expects the same cooperation to happen between the district schools and any charter schools that open in the coming years.

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

"It's a great movement," Fredrickson said. "It's great to offer kids an alternative Polo Shirt Screen Printing Melbourne

At the same Lacoste Polo Tops Uk time, Nashua School District administrators and the Board of Education have had many discussions over the last year about opening a public charter school, and the Gate City Charter School for the Arts has submitted an application to the state to open in September 2013 for kindergarten through fourth grade students.

Superintendent Mark Conrad said there's no issue of competition, and that having the charter schools could actually provide more educational collaboration.

"The reality is they're all our students," he said. "They're all Nashua residents attending Nashua schools, so we need to work collaboratively."

fall with that process," he said. "We'll come back to the board with a vision of what education would be in that school, and from there we'll have discussions about the structure."

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

"We put together a team of teachers to work over the summer and Lacoste Red For Men

Plans are more solid for the Gate City Charter School for the Arts.

Fredrickson said she has been in contact with other charter schools focused on the arts, including the Seacoast Charter School in Kingston. Most charter schools and other district schools have been helpful in sharing information and offering advice or resources, she said.

The Academy for Science and Design will move to 486 Amherst St., along Route 101A, in July. The charter school's board of directors announced the move April 28, and they plan to hire more teachers and attract more students with a building twice the size of its current location in Merrimack.

"We're definitely excited," she said. "It's all been very positive."

NASHUA City students and parents are poised to have more educational options in the next few years, as one public charter school will move to Nashua this summer and at least two others are in talks.

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Parents and students at the Academy for Science and Design who have questions about what the school's move to Nashua means for them will have a chance to speak with school leaders this week.

The Gate City Charter School would put more importance on artistic learning, use the arts to motivate students in other subjects and allow students to engage in that way, said Rebecca Fredrickson, the other co founder.

said the Gate City Charter School has received great feedback and support from interested parents in the community.

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

´╗┐As one charter school comes to Nashua

"We're all charter schools, and we all share ideas," she said. "The goal of the whole mission is to provide more opportunities for students."

Karin Cevasco, one of the school's co founders, anticipates additional feedback from the charter school office in Concord by mid May. Their application is undergoing a legal review to ensure that everything is in compliance with New Hampshire's charter school statutes.

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

The School District already works closely with Bishop Guertin High School, a private Catholic school, and other private elementary and junior high schools in the city.

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

to what's available now. It allows kids a different opportunity for learning."

Lacoste Polo Tops Uk

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