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One example is how doctors Fred Perry Long Sleeve Polo Shirt White


Alfayoumi said that probably the most important feature of the new labs is related to the Innova 3100s rotational X ray imaging capabilities " a big improvement over older imaging technology. The new machine is able to quickly create precise 3 D images of cardiovascular trouble spots by rotating its image detector " called the flat panel " around the patient. The old method involved positioning the flat panel, shooting an X ray, repositioning the flat panel, shooting another X ray, repositioning the flat panel, and so on. For the patient, the new equipment also means a lower dose of radiation, according to the manufacturer.

Alfayoumi explains that this rotational imaging capacity is a big deal in cases where doctors have to go into a patients carotid artery and directly infuse TPA, a blood thinner, in order to dissolve a blood clot. This invasive procedure is reserved for patients who, after suffering a stroke, go more than three hours without having TPA administered intravenously. Rotational imaging is a major asset when it comes to administering TPA directly, Alfayoumi said.

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Lacoste Red Polo

Lacoste Red Polo

Lacoste Red Polo

This becomes an issue for administration, he said. The old days are gone. Now we run a very tight budget.

Imagine when you look at the statistics for Brownsville and the Valley, he said.

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Lacoste Red Polo

Having such technology makes plenty of sense in the Valley, given the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyles, poor dietary choices and other factors that lead directly to coronary disease, he said. Alfayoumi noted that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.

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´╗┐art cardiac catheterization labs

Im very happy, he said. Im very excited about it. Im really happy to see Us Polo Clothing Sale

capture images of lesions, or arterial blockages, in order to fix them. The standard approach is to send a tiny camera through the groin and up the femoral artery. However, multiple clinical trials have shown that going in through the hand and up the radial artery " the artery you press on when you take your pulse " presents a substantially lower risk of bleeding. Thats true in diagnostic procedures as well as angioplasty procedures involving the insertion of catheter balloons or stents. With the new cath labs physicians can go either way: femoral or radial.

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an administration thats willing to invest in whats best for the public and the patient.

Alfayoumi praised VMBC for the investment, a couple of millions dollars, despite falling Medicare reimbursements for hospitals and doctors. Rather than making the investment expecting to make a return, the hospital did so in order to stay up Lacoste Red Polo to date, he said. Alfayoumi said that hospitals these days struggle with the dilemma of providing the best treatment on one hand versus being able to afford it on the Lacoste Dress Shirts

Dr. Fadi Alfayoumi, medical director of cardiology at VBMC Brownsville, said the new lab allows doctors to tap into important advances in the fields of cardiology and cardiovascular medicine over the last couple of years.

Lacoste Red Polo

Lacoste Red Polo

Nevertheless, physicians are in the business of helping patients and its important that they have the best available tools to do so, Alfayoumi said.

At the heart of the labs is a machine called the GE Innova 3100. Among its benefits is that it allows doctors to get a clear view of fine blood vessels and to better perform critical procedures.

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