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Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

I've thought all along that the Borussia Dortmund who play a lovely brand of football and have a fresh, vibrant side are more suited to the Champions League than Bayern.

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

Allianz Arena.

I think you have to dismiss this campaign as a one season disappointment.

If you look at their remaining fixtures Reading, Norwich, Everton, Manchester United and Wigan at home and Swansea, West Brom, Fulham, QPR and Newcastle away they are not bad at all.

´╗┐Arsenal still have shot at playing in next season's Champions League

I'm not sure you can say that this time around but I did Lacoste Tracksuit Top

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

see enough at the Allianz to suggest that they will finish very close to the top four, even without Jack Wilshere.

If you look at their Champions League results, they've conceded in every game apart from one, which was against Lille a team that doesn't pose the greatest attacking threat.

So there were several encouraging signs for Arsenal but at the end of the day, as fantastic a result as it was, they are still out.

I did see enough at the Allianz to suggest that they will finish very close to the top four, even without Classic Polo T Shirts Online Shopping

They were missing Bastian Schweinsteiger, who is a big player for them, and Franck Ribery, too, but even taking that into account they were thoroughly disappointing and Arsenal managed to expose them defensively on occasions.

Arsenal were exceptional defensively and reduced Bayern to a handful of chances. Laurent Koscielny finally reproduced the kind of form that we saw from his last season but has been too often lacking this season.

ApplyArsenal return to Premier League action this weekend five points off fourth place and I expect them to use their performance in Munich as a springboard for the rest of the domestic season.

They looked good in the first leg at Arsenal, but on the basis of the second leg I can't see them going on to win the Champions League.

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

EvolutionWenger says the fact that there will be no English clubs in Friday's quarter final draw should serve as a wake up call but are we really doing something wrong? I'm not sure that we are.

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

It hasn't been a vintage Champions League season for our sides but every nation Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk goes through difficult years; there are peaks and troughs all the time. Personally, I think it's much too soon to press the alarm bells.

He took the role of the organiser of the back four he was clearly in charge; Arsenal need leaders on the field and Koscielny stepped up last night.

I wouldn't rule them out of qualifying for next season's Champions League just yet.

I'm sure that Arsenal sides of previous years will have looked at those fixtures and thought 'we'll win the majority of those games'.

You have to factor in the luck of the draw, too. Where would we be now if Manchester United had drawn Porto rather than Real Madrid, or Arsenal had drawn Galatasaray rather than Bayern Munich? The chances are we would have at least one club in the last eight.

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

I remember phases when we thought the Italian clubs would go on and dominate Europe but they haven't of late. It's all part of a natural evolution. There's nothing to be particularly worried about.

The second leg was a chess match from the off and Bayern didn't seem to know how to approach it whether they should shut up shop or kill the game off totally.

I think they will win more of their remaining games than they lose if they apply themselves in the same way as they did last night.

So for me, again depending on the draw, you have to feel that Barcelona are the side to beat after that incredible display against AC Milan.

Jack Wilshere.

Arsenal, if anything, seemed even more confused about how to approach the match early on and with the Bayern fans fairly quiet it all contributed to a strangely muted atmosphere in the Polo T Shirts Online India

Fred Perry Polo Shirts Uk

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