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has become difficult with schools being built under new schemes that don't belong to the Council. Also, you can do survey after survey and Fred Perry Raincoat

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

worry that if the teachers are being exposed the children are being exposed as well.

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

But Carol Duerden of the Bradford Asbestos Victims' Support Group, said: "We've suspected findings like these for a long time. Teachers across the country have died of mesothelioma and it is a real

will have some asbestos in it. If you leave it untouched and undisturbed it is generally okay. But it

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

are calling for urgent action to be taken on this.

Terry Patten, Bradford branch secretary of the GMB union said: "The GMB has got a major concern that so many buildings still contain asbestos. For the benefit of our members and their children we

It is thought about 13,000 of the country's 25,000 schools were built between 1945 and 1974 when asbestos use in ceilings, wall linings and pipe lagging was at its highest.

"I am shocked by the Polo Shirts For Women For Work

´╗┐Asbestos in more than 500 Council buildings From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

number of buildings involved and we need to get on Fred Perry Windbreaker Nylon Hooded Jacket

According to statistics provided under the Freedom of Information Act, 506 Bradford Council owned buildings are known to have traces of the potentially deadly material.

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

still not pick up all the asbestos."

"The presence of asbestos in schools should be at the top of all councils' agendas.

within their district contained asbestos.

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

top of it."

It has asbestos policy and asbestos management procedures in place with an asbestos register for all main sites and has surveyed every school in the district. He said: "A register is absolutely vital to discover the true extent of this timebomb. We're going to be saddled with it for the next 50 years."

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

"Employers now have a duty to inspect the premises so people can take precautions, but the public register would be a good idea."

Bradford North Labour MP Terry Rooney, who is campaigning for compensation for people who suffer from pleural plaques, an asbestos related condition, said: "Every building more than 40 years old

A breakdown provided by the Council shows the list includes ten sites Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines with restricted areas and a total of 205 schools.

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

Mr Rowen said: "A full audit of school premises is supposed to be taking place as part of the Building Schools for the Future Programme yet some councils could not tell me how many public buildings

Polo Shirts Wholesale Philippines

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