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Papers will not be sent for review unless the following is completed by the authors.


Completed Authorship Copyright Form signed by ALL authors.Please send this form either:

  • electronically:

  • by post: La Trobe University PO Box 138, Bundoora, VIC 3083

  • by fax: 61 8 9266 2959 (with ATTN: Professor Linda Shields in the subject line).


References must be in Vancouver style using superscripts. Journal abbreviations can be found by connecting to the PubMed website. Click on "Journals Database" and then enter the full journal title to view its abbreviation.


Each manuscript must contain, after its title page and before the body of writing begins, the following list of declarations:

  • Competing interests (have the authors any interest that would bias the publishing of this paper?)

  • Funding (list any funding from which this paper is an outcome)

  • Ethical approval (for research, has this been given, and supply reference number of the approval)

  • Guarantor (the main author who will retain responsibility for the content and publication of the paper, and will be the point of contact for the editorial team)

  • Contributorship (list the contributions of all the authors, eg, conceptualization of the study, finding funding, main composition of the manuscript, etc).

  • Acknowledgements (any other contribution toward the development of the work, and dedication to those whom the authors wish to recognise in a particular way)


What is known about this topic and what this paper adds

Each manuscript must contain, after its title page and before the body of writing begins:
“What is known about this topic”
“What this paper adds”

Two Sections

Each manuscript must be submitted in two (2) documents/files:

  • Title page with author/s’ details -this will include all author's names and affilitions, and also the "Declarations" section. It is not necessary to use full names for this section, initials will suffice. An example of a title page is given here: Title Page Example

  • Main body of manuscript - with no identifying material eg. authors name (this will be sent to reviewers). 


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